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Approval planning



Project management


built identity of your enterprise

Corporate Architecture stands for the built identity of your enterprise. We understand your identity as a strategical process to give specific insights into the tradition, the approach and the self-image of your enterprise. Our job is to contribute to your identity with long lasting success.

PURE UNDERSTATEMENT. To ensure that your factory is performing in every respect.

Why is Corporate Architecture instead of building design so important? Because your factory represents a key element of corporate future. We deal from scratch with the planning and implementation of administrative and production buildings and integrate this in a holistic Lean strategy. Company architecture is a key element for long-term success of your current and future business to ensure perfect coordinated operations. This is far more than just a question of good design. An efficient factory is achieved through the special combination of individual architecture and system design by a selected general contractor.

Design and aesthetics has to suite your business, function and cost-effectiveness in line with your corporate goals. This requires foresight, which not only has the cost of construction in focus, but also takes into account aspects such as future operational costs, flexibility and adaptability.

We have an interdisciplinary team of factory and office planners as well as architects which take over these tasks. We support you from the beginning with the needs analysis over the construction phase and upon request through to a smooth start in production and / or administration.

We execute your project up to final authorization and develop detailed documentation in terms of functionality, quality and design, which we tender to the general contractor. On request, we take care as the client's representative until you move in your new factory. You can concentrate on your business while we run the project for you!