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Setup time optimization (SMED)


We create value without waste

The special challenge to connect the current organization as well as present working processes efficiently to its entirety, is our core competence.

We create value without waste - but how? Your next steps should be considered as a whole and therefore we use innovative methods of process optimization. We rely on Lean concepts, because they are easy to apply, understandable in a short time and lead to success.

Less is more. To view something in its entirety is more than the sum of all the details. The guiding principle of lean management you find meanwhile almost everywhere. "Perform comprehensive Lean" mainly means that you permanently sharpen your eyes to avoid waste of time, materials and labor. Finally you act preventive and taking corrective action belongs to the past. Therefore you will get a concrete proposal for the redesign of your manufacturing world and structural reorganization.

Generally we as practitioners will not only support you with the implementation of lean ideas. We will ensure through training and targeted coaching that your customers and your employees internalize and run Lean in sustainable way. We deliver long-term effects through specific impulses. We start with common goal setting. Once all organizational details are clarified, we take a deeper look on your production environment by running a value stream mapping process. The desired target process defines our fields of action which can lead to redesigns of production lines or in the adoption of new rules and interfaces. Our services are geared to your needs: We can assist you in every aspect of factory planning.

And of course we also work hands on to deliver your future success.